Who Wants a Quick Fix!?

The topic of diets is HUGE! After a quick review of social media and some posts, I find that a lot of people are searching for a “diet”. “How can I drop 50 lbs?” “What diet are you on?” “I have a powder, supplement, pill that will help you lose that last 10 lbs youContinue reading “Who Wants a Quick Fix!?”

Starting a New Healthy Routine Can Be Scary

Have you been told that you need to lose weight, eat better, get active, take prescriptions? Have you been told that you have a diagnosis that is scary for you to hear? Maybe diabetes, Lupus, MS, Lyme disease, arthritis? Whatever the new diagnosis is can be overwhelming and scary. But, it is doable if youContinue reading “Starting a New Healthy Routine Can Be Scary”

Health Risks of What You Put in Your Mouth

Do you ever think before you put something in your mouth? You have been taught to “think before you speak”, but have you been taught to think before you eat? Do you wonder why you are not losing weight or why you always feel bloated or why you have daily fatigue when you have notContinue reading “Health Risks of What You Put in Your Mouth”