Do you ever feel like your brain is on FIRE!!

Burnout! OK, It has taken me some time to be able to discuss this with people! I feel like all we hear about is COVID/pandemic or racial diversity or negativity toward police officers and lets not forget talk about the views people have on out political issues! Since I am a front line worker andContinue reading “Do you ever feel like your brain is on FIRE!!”

Can you heal yourself from chronic disease?

Do you believe that all disease is a result of stress? There are different types of stress: physical, emotional, chemical which knock the brain/body out of balance,causing Adrenal system failure. leading to the use of our fight or flight system. Our bodies are in this fight or flight situation releasing cortisol and adrenaline into ourContinue reading “Can you heal yourself from chronic disease?”

Can’t Handle A Quarantine!?

Now is the time to listen to our bodies and minds. Stop what you are doing and reflect on what you are thinking about at this moment. Are your thoughts negative or positive? I can tell you, this weekend I had a bout of negative thoughts that clouded my view of what was really inContinue reading “Can’t Handle A Quarantine!?”

Your Mindset Matters!

I know I have talked about mindset in the past, there is no better time than to reiterate the importance of minding your mind and its thought process, than now. In light of our Nation’s change in events and current pandemic, most people that I talk to are verbalizing fear. Fear of the unknown, fearContinue reading “Your Mindset Matters!”

We Will Get Through This!

I am feeling aggravated. What is happening with this virus, Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Why are people freaking out, buying all of the medical supplies off the shelves, toilet paper, paper towels, OTC cold medicine, soap and hand sanitizer? I wasn’t going to write about this topic because EVERYONE is talking about it(the media can’t figure outContinue reading “We Will Get Through This!”

Manage Your Mindset!

I have talked about changing your mindset before in a previous blog. This is a topic that I, as you, have encountered on a regular basis. There is always a reason for you to review your life, how you handle your life and it’s daily trials and how you feel afterward. Recently, I encountered aContinue reading “Manage Your Mindset!”

Emotional Eating

I took a survey of why people eat. I was not shocked to hear that most people do not eat purely for hunger; but, they eat due to their emotions. What I was shocked about, was that people knew they were doing this. “I snack when I’m bored. I eat when I am sad. IContinue reading “Emotional Eating”

When do you know you are ready?

Ready for what? Ready to lose weight, stop eating crap, stop laying around, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop using drugs? So many people post or ask me “What do I eat? What pills should I take? How often should I eat?” and the list goes on. The best answer…… Every body is different. Everybody isContinue reading “When do you know you are ready?”

The Road to Wellness with Tina

What does wellness mean to you? The definition I found was “the state of being in good health”. So what is good health? I guess this can be thought about differently by each of us. Ask yourself the following questions: (be honest, go with your first instinct) What have I done to take care ofContinue reading “The Road to Wellness with Tina”

Stress affects your health and wellness

OK guys, I actually had an entirely different blog post written and ready to post, then I met someone who changed my mind. So I decided to write this post instead. This week is Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. These dates are for us to celebrate a belief. Most of us would agree these areContinue reading “Stress affects your health and wellness”