Spend Time With Those You Enjoy To Be Around!

Its Memorial Day! A day to remember all of the men and women who served and died while serving in the US military. Its a holiday celebrated by the USA that has turned in to gatherings with gamily and friends; hot dogs and burgers on the grill; and outside festivities. DO NOT forget what todayContinue reading “Spend Time With Those You Enjoy To Be Around!”

Your Mindset Matters!

I know I have talked about mindset in the past, there is no better time than to reiterate the importance of minding your mind and its thought process, than now. In light of our Nation’s change in events and current pandemic, most people that I talk to are verbalizing fear. Fear of the unknown, fearContinue reading “Your Mindset Matters!”

Manage Your Mindset!

I have talked about changing your mindset before in a previous blog. This is a topic that I, as you, have encountered on a regular basis. There is always a reason for you to review your life, how you handle your life and it’s daily trials and how you feel afterward. Recently, I encountered aContinue reading “Manage Your Mindset!”