Mental Health Awareness is Fundamental For Your Health

As a health and wellness Coach, I empower my clients to transform their thoughts and mindset so they can achieve the health goals they have set for themselves. I encourage them to learn new ways to manage negative thoughts to be able to jump the hurdles that are holding them back from getting well. IContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness is Fundamental For Your Health”

Who Loves You Best?

Can you answer this question? Do you ever sit and question other peoples intentions in regard to having a relationship with you? What are they looking for in your friendship? Why are they seeking you out? What do they see in you that maybe you don’t recognize in yourself? Why do you ask yourself theseContinue reading “Who Loves You Best?”

Do we Talk or Listen about Health and Wellness?

I’m back for Blog post #3! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to talk; and boy can I talk! As I sit here writing this post, I actually have Laryngitis! My husband says that I talk just to hear myself; my daughter gets annoyed when I am awake with her in the morningsContinue reading “Do we Talk or Listen about Health and Wellness?”