Who Wants a Quick Fix!?

The topic of diets is HUGE! After a quick review of social media and some posts, I find that a lot of people are searching for a “diet”. “How can I drop 50 lbs?” “What diet are you on?” “I have a powder, supplement, pill that will help you lose that last 10 lbs youContinue reading “Who Wants a Quick Fix!?”

Being Sweet On Sugar is Not Always The Best For Your Health

Sweet sweet sugar! The one food people crave can have so many negative effects on your body! Added sugar can be found in the most unexpected foods; people tend to rely on quick, processed foods for meals and snacks which contain a high sugar content.  In the US, added sugars account for up to 17%Continue reading “Being Sweet On Sugar is Not Always The Best For Your Health”

Can you heal yourself from chronic disease?

Do you believe that all disease is a result of stress? There are different types of stress: physical, emotional, chemical which knock the brain/body out of balance,causing Adrenal system failure. leading to the use of our fight or flight system. Our bodies are in this fight or flight situation releasing cortisol and adrenaline into ourContinue reading “Can you heal yourself from chronic disease?”

Emotional Eating

I took a survey of why people eat. I was not shocked to hear that most people do not eat purely for hunger; but, they eat due to their emotions. What I was shocked about, was that people knew they were doing this. “I snack when I’m bored. I eat when I am sad. IContinue reading “Emotional Eating”

Do You Have A Love For Avocados?

I have had several requests to talk about this lovely fruit, Avocados. This super-food grows on a tree and offers many health benefits, not to mention they taste yummy! “How do I know how to pick one out? What color are they supposed to be? How do I store them? How do I eat them?Continue reading “Do You Have A Love For Avocados?”

Magnesium and Your Health

Have you heard of this mineral? Magnesium is a necessary nutrient for your body. It is important for nerve function, muscle contraction, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, bone health, heart health, and brain function. Where do you get Magnesium you ask? Diet: legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, soy beans, peas, whole grains, spinach and other greens,Continue reading “Magnesium and Your Health”