Your Mindset Matters!

I know I have talked about mindset in the past, there is no better time than to reiterate the importance of minding your mind and its thought process, than now. In light of our Nation’s change in events and current pandemic, most people that I talk to are verbalizing fear. Fear of the unknown, fearContinue reading “Your Mindset Matters!”

Protecting Your Health and the Health of Those Around You

I said if there was ever a topic that you wanted to discuss, let me know. Well, I received a request for this weeks topic! This topic goes along with our current health crisis. In Graduate School, I took a Community Health class as part of my required curriculum. I had to choose a groupContinue reading “Protecting Your Health and the Health of Those Around You”

We Will Get Through This!

I am feeling aggravated. What is happening with this virus, Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Why are people freaking out, buying all of the medical supplies off the shelves, toilet paper, paper towels, OTC cold medicine, soap and hand sanitizer? I wasn’t going to write about this topic because EVERYONE is talking about it(the media can’t figure outContinue reading “We Will Get Through This!”