I am a wife, mom, daughter and Family Nurse Practitioner. These many hats have positioned me to be your Health and Wellness Coach. I promote health and wellness through several different processes by educating, guiding and listening to assist you in finding a healthy balance to reach your wellness goals.

I want to empower you to find the inspiration and positive attitude to make positive changes in your health, so you can live a well balanced life

Health and Wellness Coaching

I am an expert in providing powerful interventions, and will support you to generate new thought processes so you can initiate and maintain sustainable change, to work toward a well balanced life that will benefit you. I will provide you the tools needed to change your current habits to more healthy and productive ones.

Due to the recent COVID pandemic, I have adjusted my fees to help meet your needs!

  • Action Call: Complimentary 30 minute call. This is a meet and greet. I learn about your health needs, then we develop a plan to help you move forward to meet your goals.

  • 1 hour Consultation $150 a 60 minute session via phone or ZOOM to work on the plan we developed from the Action Call. You may only need guidance with 1 area of your health, I will give you the tools for success during this call. Examples could be that you want to learn about food options, different ways you can lose weight, anti-inflammatory foods, managing stress and many other health related options.

1:1 Coaching: 1 Hour Consultation

Read the description above. Please schedule a date and time with me prior to making payment. Thank you!

150.00 $

  • Single Session: $60 45 minutes via phone or ZOOM- This session is mostly for a “check in” or an educational experience. We can discuss your current challenges or concerns. This appointment can be scheduled after a 1 hour consultation as a follow up.

1:1 Coaching: Single Session

See the description above. You can schedule and pay for this session once we agree on the need. Thank you!

60.00 $

  • 4 week package: $250 4- 1 hour weekly sessions via ZOOM or phone. This package includes worksheets, unlimited e-mail communication answered during business hours, and individualized health and wellness coaching. This package is very important to help you reach your long term goals and develop new lasting habits. Science has shown that it takes approximately 21 days(3 weeks) to develop new habits. This will give you time to learn the tools necessary to swap your old habits for new habits.

1:1 Coaching: 4 Week Package

See the description for this program. You can pay then schedule with me once we agree on the service to be provided. Thank you!

250.00 $

Healthcare Advocate

As a Nurse Practitioner, I am an expert in navigating the healthcare system and will guide you to learn how to speak up for your own health and will bridge the gap between you and your healthcare team.

Hourly session (minimum of 1 hour)- $150/hour. Length of time is determined by your needs and will be discussed up front with you.

Contact me at the link below so we can schedule your complimentary session to discuss how we can work together to help you reach your health and wellness goals!

I look forward to working with you!

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, therapist or healthcare provider. I am a Health and Wellness Coach and will function as such. I will not give medical advice or diagnose or prescribe. Please contact your healthcare provider for specific information related to your health.

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