Combat Stress and Anxiety to Support Your Immune System

Do you wonder why there are times you feel great and other times that you feel under the weather? Stress could be the culprit! Maybe you have been super busy at work or running the kids to and from school and sports. Maybe you are not sleeping well. Or, you are the caregiver to aContinue reading “Combat Stress and Anxiety to Support Your Immune System”

Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs and Take Action in Your Health

If you want something, you have to go after it. You have to be an active participant in your health. You have to hold yourself accountable. You may have some limiting beliefs that are stopping you from going after your health goals; weight loss, dietary changes, exercise or even finding a healthy routine. You sitContinue reading “Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs and Take Action in Your Health”

What effect does a TOXIC lifestyle have on you?

There are many forms of toxins that we will experience in our lifetime. Over time a toxic lifestyle will put you at risk for acute and chronic disease. I believe that removing as many toxins as we can from our life and reconnecting with nature will make us healthier in mind, body and spirit. IContinue reading “What effect does a TOXIC lifestyle have on you?”

Change your mindset about the willpower to achieve a healthy lifestyle

“I can’t change my diet because I have tried it in the past and it didn’t work”. “I can’t start exercising because, I don’t have the time”. “I don’t like to workout alone, I need a friend to push me”. These are all excuses as to why you are not reaching your wellness goals! WhyContinue reading “Change your mindset about the willpower to achieve a healthy lifestyle”

Supplementing Your Health

DO WE NEED DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS? I recently read that in “2009, Americans spent >$26 billion on supplements”!(Readers Digest Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal, 2018). How do you know what supplements are good and which ones can harm you? Who needs to add a supplement to their dietary plan? The best way to answer theContinue reading “Supplementing Your Health”

Do you ever feel like your brain is on FIRE!!

Burnout! OK, It has taken me some time to be able to discuss this with people! I feel like all we hear about is COVID/pandemic or racial diversity or negativity toward police officers and lets not forget talk about the views people have on out political issues! Since I am a front line worker andContinue reading “Do you ever feel like your brain is on FIRE!!”

Who Wants a Quick Fix!?

The topic of diets is HUGE! After a quick review of social media and some posts, I find that a lot of people are searching for a “diet”. “How can I drop 50 lbs?” “What diet are you on?” “I have a powder, supplement, pill that will help you lose that last 10 lbs youContinue reading “Who Wants a Quick Fix!?”

What an Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach Can Do For You!

Are you living up to your full potential in your life? Do you lack energy, confidence, willpower or inspiration? Do you know that you need to make some changes in your health? People have dreams that we would like to see come to life. We have things in our life that we want to changeContinue reading “What an Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach Can Do For You!”

The Rash That Wants To Be Seen: Psoriasis

There are so many autoimmune diseases out there. I have posted my thoughts on several over the past 6 months, one that I have not mentioned is Psoriasis. Its summer time and our skin is susceptible to many things. Rashes are among the annoying health conditions that appear on our bodies. Many diseases take affectContinue reading “The Rash That Wants To Be Seen: Psoriasis”