What an Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach Can Do For You!

Are you living up to your full potential in your life? Do you lack energy, confidence, willpower or inspiration? Do you know that you need to make some changes in your health?

People have dreams that we would like to see come to life. We have things in our life that we want to change or find a new way of doing them. We look for others for guidance.

We get busy or necessary change seems to be overwhelming and we don’t get around to making the change(s) to reach our dreams. We tell ourselves “I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. I don’t have anyone to support me. I don’t know how to do it.” These are excuses. We all do it, including myself!

So how do we, as people, stop making the excuses to move forward with the changes we need in our lives to become healthier and happier? How can we live up to our full potential? If our support system is lacking, who can we get to back us up or help us out? We all can make the necessary changes in our lives to reach our dreams!

As an Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach, I believe in taking small steps. Completing things slowly while taking the time to learn about your current health struggles and how you can improve yourself by taking action steps. This means taking 1 day at a time. Life is like a puzzle: you can’t put all of the pieces into one spot, each piece has it’s place to complete the final design. Your life is your own , it is not to be modeled after someone else’s. What works for you may not work for your friend, neighbor or that “friend” you met on social media.

Taking small steps each day can be an easy way to change your routine to include healthier habits. Most people do not realize, your health struggles stem from your current routine and habits. It’s the change in your daily routine that can be the scariest. People are known to not accept change. Change will cause anxiety, stress and overwhelm which will make you run from doing the work that it takes to make the necessary change in your life to begin a healthy routine.

Re-training your brain to see things in a different way is key to making life long adjustments to your health!

An Empowerment Coach will be the person that holds you accountable, cheers you on, checks in on you, helps you to see that you have the ability to make things happen for yourself. I guide you to look inside yourself and see the possibilities that you have pushed aside making you feel like you “can’t do it”. With a Coach, you will learn to love yourself and put yourself in the front seat. You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for; allow yourself to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Answer the following questions to see what your thoughts are about your current lifestyle. Be honest with yourself while answering them.

Answer yes/no/maybe: Yes= 2 point No=1 point Maybe=0 point

  1. My work and personal life are balanced
  2. I have plenty of time to do the things that I want
  3. I have healthy habits that support my needs
  4. I have a support system that will stand by me through any changes I make
  5. I am a self confident/positive person and I go after what I want
  6. I get 7-9 hours of sleep a day
  7. I eat a healthy balanced diet
  8. I exercise at least 30 min a day most days of the week
  9. I have plans for my future that are exciting to me
  10. I am committed to doing what I want to improve my life

Now add up your points!

0-10 points- You can definitely improve on certain areas of your life. You may lack confidence, willpower and/or a strong support system. An Empowerement Coach would benefit you to reach your wellness goals by helping you to see your full potential, encouraging you along your path to wellness, and supporting you on your health journey.

11-15 points- You feel pretty confident in your current life, however, you probably struggle with your current mindset in moving forward to reach your goals. You could use an Empowerment Coach to help guide you out of your current mindset into a positive mindset so you can reach your health goals.

16-20 points- You are so close to reaching your healthy goals! You have a vision and you have set your goals, you may even have a plan for achieving them. But you are just not achieving those healthy goals yet. Something is holding you back! An Empowerment Coach will work with you to help inspire you to achieve you goals by helping you to get inside yourself to see what is causing you get “Stuck”

I want you to use this guide so you can see what areas in your life you may be struggling in. There are times in all of our lives that we need to reach out to someone for help. Someone to teach us. Someone that will inspire us. Someone to support us. Someone to Empower us to move forward to reach the healthier version of ourselves.

Reach out to me for more information or if you need a little guidance in reaching your Health and Wellness Goals!

As always, keep your positive attitude as you never know what you can achieve today until you try!


Tina Butt, Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

The Rash That Wants To Be Seen: Psoriasis

There are so many autoimmune diseases out there. I have posted my thoughts on several over the past 6 months, one that I have not mentioned is Psoriasis. Its summer time and our skin is susceptible to many things. Rashes are among the annoying health conditions that appear on our bodies. Many diseases take affect on the inside of the body, NOT rashes, they make it easy for everyone to see and feel. They make themselves known!

You can get a rash from food, insect bites, reactions, infections or from an unknown cause.

Our immune system can be responsible for many of the rashes people get. When our immune system “fights itself” you can develop an Autoimmune response.

You may wonder what Psoriasis is…… an autoimmune disease causing the skin cells to grow very fast causing crusting, scaling, itching, redness over several areas of the body.

Starts between the ages of 15-35, however like many other immune diseases, it can occur at any age. No Psoriasis is not contagious or infectious.

There are many forms of Psoriasis and a specialist called a Dermatologist should be the person to help sort it out, make the diagnosis and treat the rash.

Psoriasis can develop into Psoriatic Arthritis, which can damage the joints if left untreated. This causes very painful joints, difficulty walking and exercising.

Because its an autoimmune disease it is thought that you will have this the rest of your life with triggers that caused it to develop in the first place and will also cause exacerbations or flare ups. Some of the common triggers are

  • Foods
  • Stress
  • Skin injury such as a bad sunburn
  • Infection or viruses
  • Cold weather
  • Smoking
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Other autoimmune diseases
  • Genetics

Avoiding your triggers will decrease the amount of flares you have.

Seeing someone to help you work through the triggers will help you manage your symptoms and the number of areas of skin that are affected. Diet, or food choices can be a huge benefit of your treatment. You could have a food sensitivity and not know it. An anti-inflammatory diet has been shown to be very beneficial.

People who have psoriasis voice their concern with the look of the rash. “everyone can see it”, “it looks disgusting”, “I can’t sleep”, “It’s embarrassing”. It will affect a person’s self esteem which can lead to anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

Find a support group with others that have this autoimmune disease so you can gain insight and even treatment ideas, referrals for management of the symptoms or just have someone available that understands.

This skin rash is treatable. You need to have persistence and patience, with the right treatment plan and a great health team you can begin to work on this visible rash that can cause so much discomfort!

Do you or someone you know suffer with Psoriasis? I would love to hear what you do for treatment.


Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

Starting a New Healthy Routine Can Be Scary

Have you been told that you need to lose weight, eat better, get active, take prescriptions? Have you been told that you have a diagnosis that is scary for you to hear? Maybe diabetes, Lupus, MS, Lyme disease, arthritis? Whatever the new diagnosis is can be overwhelming and scary. But, it is doable if you stay focused on the goal.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and autoimmune myopathy thought to be related to Lyme Disease, I felt overwhelmed. I knew that I did not want to feel sick any more and I was willing to do anything to feel better. I wanted to prevent complications acutely and chronically. But what was the best way to do that? I did not want medications. My focus was on an overall healthy lifestyle.

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I remember thinking “where do I start”? SO I am sharing my 5 Tips for Beginning a Healthy Routine.

  1. Think Positive– If you focus on why you are starting this healthy lifestyle it will make it easier. Do not focus on what did not work for you in the past.
  2. Set a Goal- This is the “why” you are starting your new routine. You may have more than 1, only chose 1 to work on at a time. Think to yourself: “where am I now and where do I want to be?”
  3. Plan Ahead- this will help decrease the overwhelm and will help you with time management. I use a daily planner and schedule things in. You can also make a list of what needs to get done.
  4. Learn- Learn about your new reason for making this change. For me I needed to learn everything I could about Celiac and Lyme. When you educate yourself you will understand the “why”! Keep an open mind to change.
  5. Listen- Listen to your body, how you are feeling. Listen to your mind, you may start hearing negative thoughts creep up. Don’t allow these thoughts to stop you from reaching your goal.

The end result to developing a healthy routine is to FEEL BETTER. You will have decreased stress, increased energy and you will develop a new routine that will be easier to stick to. Take small steps and stick to your plan. Consistency is key when you are developing a new habit.

Update on me! For 6 months I have been working on myself. I have more energy, improved sleep, and less number of pain days. The tips above along with many more are what I used to become sugar free, gluten free and vegetarian. I do eat seafood occasionally. The process to get here has been a great experience, one that I share with my clients every day and I wanted to share them with you. This is a good starting point. I didn’t eliminate all of the above over night, I did them step by step and have been able to stick with it and feel better. I want the same for you.

I challenge you to try these steps! Keep a journal and stay consistent. I have faith in you!

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Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

Disclaimer: The information I provide is not medical advice, but my personal opinion. Please ask your medical provider if these tips are appropriate for you.


Have you ever heard someone say “you are your thoughts”?

I have talked about positive mindset in previous posts. I think it is a very important topic. I see and hear women constantly putting themselves down. Sometimes they don’t even realize they do it, it’s ingrained in them. This could be their upbringing or just something they have developed over time. Those negative thoughts can nag at the brain. Over time the brain gets so used to hearing those thoughts, it starts to believe what its being told.

Negative thoughts will bring about negative emotions and consequences. When our mind gets caught in the negative thoughts, everything around us will appear negative. Have you ever talked to someone that no matter what is said or brought up, they have a negative response?

Well, guess what? This is reversible. You can change those negative thoughts to positive ones with the right tools. By changing some negative habits to more positive , meaningful habits, your brain will adjust and soon forget those negative thoughts.

I work with women to provide the tools that allow them to make long lasting changes to their life in order to change those negative habits into more productive ones.

You are wondering how is this possible. You have had these thoughts for so long, sometimes years. So how can I help you change them? How can you change them? How can you make adjustments in your daily life to allow your brain to re-learn what it has been taught? It is possible and I enjoy helping with the process.

What does training the brain to re-learn thoughts entail?

  • be aware of the negative thoughts. You need to know they are thoughts and NOT reality
  • be aware of when these thoughts occur. what time of day, who are you with?
  • how do you currently handle these thoughts?
  • ask yourself : Do I love myself? If the answer is NO, we can fix that!

This re-training the brain has worked on myself and many other clients through the years. I have seen the positive impact it will have on weight loss, diet changes, self love, the ability to care for yourself and others, and reaching health goals that have been set for a period of time even years without ever achieving them.

Listen to the thoughts coming from your mind. Be aware of how they make you feel. Are you ready to learn a positive way to empower yourself to reach those health goals? To lose weight? To eat better?

Write down some of the positive thoughts you have about yourself. You are worth working on! You are worth the positive outcome. You are worth great health.

Are you interested in learning more about how I can help you as a Health Coach? Go to the Contact page Contact Tina and message me so we can set up a FREE phone session to address your current health goals.

As always,

I am proud of you for being proactive in your own health!


Mental Health Awareness is Fundamental For Your Health

As a health and wellness Coach, I empower my clients to transform their thoughts and mindset so they can achieve the health goals they have set for themselves. I encourage them to learn new ways to manage negative thoughts to be able to jump the hurdles that are holding them back from getting well. I listen to them tell me their reasons why they “can’t” achieve a healthy lifestyle. I push them to get uncomfortable by searching their mind and soul for the answer to their question “Why Can’t I do it? Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t I get that job that I want? etc….” I used to tell myself they were making excuses for not fulfilling their dreams. Then, I had an epiphany!!!

Yes, some people make excuses for why they are not doing something, we have all done it! But, others really do suffer from a mental block. They are mentally unable to take the necessary steps to work on what they want to change. Do you find yourself talking yourself out of doing something? Do you notice that when you start to think about losing 40lb it overwhelms you so you quit? Do you find yourself searching for a quick fix so you don’t have to work so long or hard on something? Do you talk about eating better, but you never start to actually eat the foods that are healthy for you? You are not alone!

Mental health is as important if not more important than your physical health.

I think you cannot achieve overall physical health without working on your mental health. If your judgment is skewed or you have anxiety or depression, your mind will not be able to work with you and support you on your wellness journey.

It took me years to figure this out! I pushed myself so hard in every aspect of life. I never gave myself time to stop, rest and reflect until just a couple years ago. Do you know what happens when you do not learn about yourself your likes, wants, desires? You spin in circles trying to accomplish something without ever reaching the end result. That’s what I did. I would workout for hours but never achieved my fitness or weight goals; I would eat all the right foods at meals but snacked on sweets all day long; I talked myself into thinking I was healthy. Well, I proved myself wrong in the past year when I became very ill with some autoimmune stuff. My body had enough!

It was time to work on my mind! I realized that I had a form of anxiety that I was not recognizing as anxiety. I had fears! Fear of failure. Fear of achievement. Fear of death. Fear of life. Years of working in medicine, I saw so many bad things happen to people. I witnessed death and dying on a daily basis. I how accidents left people without their loved ones. People would suffer from diseases that left them without limbs or other body parts. This is a form of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Witnessing people struggle was making me want to prevent me or my loved ones from becoming ill. Prevention was key. So would think about the “what ifs” all the time. What if you fall off your bike? What if you get sick? What if you ……. My life was all about the what if. I thought this was me being proactive in life. I was able to prevent acute illness in my patients and families because I was thinking about what could go wrong, then I would do what I had to do to prevent something from happening.

This is a form of anxiety. It caused me a great deal of prolonged stress. Fears can take over your life if you don’t confront them. I was getting to a point where I could not have fun with my family and friends because I focused so much on the “what ifs”. When I realized this, I had to work on my mind. I taught myself how to do breath work and meditation. I started journaling my “what ifs” which in reality were fears. I was able to conquer these thoughts for myself and also helped my daughter to the same. I have been able to help numerous clients dig deep into their minds and learn about their thoughts, work with their thoughts and achieve their idea of a well balanced life.

Life is freeing when your mind is free. I notice that I am calmer, more focused and I have been able to lose weight and keep it off.

Do you suffer from fear, anxiety, depression and it’s holding you back from reaching your health goals? I can help you get to a good place through coaching you to change your mindset to positive thoughts so you can get to where I have been able to be, if not even further!

Go to my CONTACT page and message me so we can talk about how health coaching can work for you!

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Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC


Health Risks of What You Put in Your Mouth

Do you ever think before you put something in your mouth? You have been taught to “think before you speak”, but have you been taught to think before you eat? Do you wonder why you are not losing weight or why you always feel bloated or why you have daily fatigue when you have not been diagnosed with an actual medical disease? Or maybe, you struggle with headaches, acne, constipation alternating with diarrhea. Well I struggled with all of these things! I am still working on my health every day as you should be. Achieving a healthy well balanced life is a process that requires daily conscious thoughts so you can adjust your behaviors to meet your health needs.

For years I struggled with the above symptoms along with some others that finally made me ill enough I started searching for my own answers. The common behavior for humans is to seek medical assistance for a symptom, get a bunch of diagnostic tests and possibly get a diagnosis. This diagnosis will eventually be treated with prescription medications, if there is a medicine available for the diagnosis you received. Sometimes, a diagnosis is “of unknown etiology” and there is no cause that is known or treatment to make it go away. Medical providers in general do not look for the underlying cause, “root cause”, of the symptoms we carry. Then what?

A lot of our medical diseases have a “root cause” of poor food choices, or the wrong food choices for your body. Your diet plays a key role in your general health. If you are suffering with the above symptoms, it is time to make a conscious effort to look at the foods you are putting in your mouth and learn about them. Learn what food can do to you and for you!

Heart disease, diabetes, strokes, vascular disease, migraines, Irritable bowel disease, and many more have been shown to have a strong correlation to the diet we consume, the food choices we make, and the lack of healthy foods we ingest.

I want to give you 7 ways to start on your road to wellness.

  1. Track the foods your are ingesting- write every piece of food you ingest in a notebook. Don’t cheat yourself, be honest with this!
  2. Keep track of how much you are eating- this means while you are tracking your food choices you should also pay attention to the size of your serving. Learn portion sizes, stick to the correct portion size to help you decrease calories and assist with weight loss if this is what you are looking to achieve.
  3. Journal your thoughts- by connecting with your thoughts, you can work on why you struggle with a stuck mindset and the inability to reach your wellness goals. In this process, write your thoughts about food: why you eat, how you feel when you eat, what time of day you eat.
  4. Learn what food is! This means learn what the nutrients are in the foods you choose to eat. Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The goal is to understand the benefit and the risk of the food choices you make. This will help you to make better choices.
  5. Pay attention to your likes and dislikes- it may be time to adjust your thoughts on the foods you think you don’t like. Add 1 new food to your menu each day! Learn new foods. You never know if you will like them or not.
  6. Seek help from a Health Coach. This person can help hold you accountable, educate you, motivate you and help you get your mind straight so you can reach your health and wellness goals.
  7. Start listening to your body- your body talks to you all day. You just chose to ignore what it is saying. How can you fix what is broken if you don’t listen and learn?

These tools will help you to get on the right track! This is what I did to improve my health with diet, no prescription medications! I corrected high cholesterol, migraines, acne, gastrointestinal distress, and muscle and nerve issues. I worked on my mind to see that I was an emotional eater; I snacked on food when happy, sad, and stressed. I snacked on food when I was tired. Now, I eat for health. I eat when I am hungry and I eat a well balanced diet free from emotion. I want this for you as well. I want you to find your health through what you put in your mouth!



Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

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Who Loves You Best?

Can you answer this question?

Do you ever sit and question other peoples intentions in regard to having a relationship with you? What are they looking for in your friendship? Why are they seeking you out? What do they see in you that maybe you don’t recognize in yourself?

Why do you ask yourself these questions? Shouldn’t you just be pleased that someone finds your personality and qualities great and they want to be around you or get to know you better?

Self criticism is also known as “beating yourself up”. We teach our children to like themselves and not care about what others think. Why is it that adults, women are notorious for self criticism, are so tough on themselves? Don’t get me wrong, there is a healthy amount of judgment we need to place on ourselves. We need to judge our intentions, health etc. But when the judgment gets out of control it will hold us back from going after the things we want, finding new friends and relationships, jobs/careers and education. There is judgment we place on ourselves, but when we are constantly criticizing ourselves, this is where the problem begins.

Criticizing yourself is allowing you to have harsh inner thoughts. Your subconscious will move those thoughts to the conscious mind and act on them making you dislike yourself. You start to focus on your perceived fears that you are having in life; fear of people liking you; fear that you can’t get into that college; fear that you would never get the job you are applying for; fear that you don’t deserve nice things. When you think poorly of yourself, how do you think others will like you or want to spend time with you?

Over time this leads to low self esteem and low self confidence. You will allow your thoughts to hold you back. What about that job that you want? That business you want to start? That new certification you would love to have? That shiny new car? The ability to lose that last 15 pounds? You will not go after these things because you have talked yourself into thinking you don’t deserve them or you “can’t” do what it takes to achieve them.

Why do you not deserve nice things? You owe it to yourself to figure this out. This is where you need to break out that dusty journal and start writing down your good qualities. And you need to write them daily. Retrain your brain to believe you ARE fabulous, you DO deserve the best things in life! Set goals and aim for improving your thoughts so you can grow. Chase your dreams, but don’t just chase them, stop and evaluate what happened in your life to allow you to see yourself in this poor way. Do you suffer from shame, guilt and negativity? Did you suffer form a past trauma? It’s time to deal with these things so you can get the “bad” thoughts out of your head and replace them with positive ones.

You should be answering the question in the title as “MYSELF”. You should love yourself the best; more than anyone else loves you. If you don’t love you first, you will be unable to accept love from others because you will think you are not worthy of love and a happy life. Don’t hold back anymore from going after the things you want in life; be a doer! Love yourself first!

Are you reading this and thinking “that’s me”. Are you stuck in a negative mindset, and need someone to help inspire you to improve your coping skills? Maybe you struggle with reaching your health and wellness goals because you think you “don’t deserve to be healthy”; your overwhelmed by your current health state and you need guidance in making healthy choices. If this relates to you, then I can help you.

I will help you find a clear, positive mindset and learn positive coping strategies to help you with lasting improvement in your mind and mood. You will have the knowledge to improve your dietary habits; and you will have the knowledge and tools to help you better manage your chronic disease.

Move forward in your overall wellness and contact me to discuss the best strategies for you!

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Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

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Spend Time With Those You Enjoy To Be Around!

Its Memorial Day! A day to remember all of the men and women who served and died while serving in the US military.

Its a holiday celebrated by the USA that has turned in to gatherings with gamily and friends; hot dogs and burgers on the grill; and outside festivities.

DO NOT forget what today is about. A loss. A loss of those who stood for what they believed! They protected you and your family.

For me, I use this day to be thankful but also learn from what they were able to do for me and my family. I spend time resting and with my family. I also stay aware that I should always fight for what I believe; I should not allow others to impact my judgement unless its in a positive way; and I always support those that do the same.

I encourage you to do the same!

How do you celebrate this day of remembering those that faught for you?


Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate


Being Sweet On Sugar is Not Always The Best For Your Health

Sweet sweet sugar!

The one food people crave can have so many negative effects on your body!

Added sugar can be found in the most unexpected foods; people tend to rely on quick, processed foods for meals and snacks which contain a high sugar content. 

In the US, added sugars account for up to 17% of the total calorie intake of adults and up to 14% for children. Dietary guidelines suggest limiting calories from added sugar to less than 10% per day 

Natural occurring sugars, which we should consume, are found in fruit in the form fructose and in milk as lactose.

Added sugars are found in candy, desserts, and any foods that are processed. The most common foods are soft drinks, candy, cakes, cookies, pies, milk products, ice cream, granola bars, and even some health foods such as protein shakes and breakfast foods.

I always told people I was healthy, yet I couldn’t figure out why I could not lose weight and was always bloated and tired. It was after i started a food journal that I saw a trend. The foods I was eating were high in sugars, and were processed. Once i made the decision to cut out added sugar, I felt so much better. I lost 14 lbs and had more energy and NO bloating. My headaches improved. My acne disappeared. I was so proud of myself since I never thought I could do it. I was the one who loved chocolate, ice cream and depended on my Snickers candy bar for when I was stressed. The craziest part is I don’t crave it now. I decided I was done and haven’t turned back.

There are many reasons to avoid sugar since it can cause so many issues and disease:

  • weight gain
  • heart disease
  • acne and skin issues
  • increased risk of cancer
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • anxiety/depression
  • decreased energy
  • fatty liver
  • poor dental health
  • increased gut permeability

A diet high in sugar can lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is to blame for several autoimmune diseases, cancer and mental health disorders.

The following are causes of over consumption of added sugars:

Excess production of AGEs: Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) are harmful compounds that form when protein or fat combine with sugar in the blood. Too many AGEs leads to oxidative stress and inflammation and disease.

Increased gut permeability: Bacteria, toxins and undigested food particles can easily move out of the gut and into the bloodstream, leading to inflammation along with poor digestive health such as dumping syndrome. This leads to poor electrolyte and vitamin and mineral absorption, hence disease.

Weight gain: A diet high in added sugar and refined carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. Excess body fat has been linked to inflammation, partly due to insulin resistance.

Diets high in added sugar produce pro-inflammatory molecules in the body. Over time, this creates an environment of chronic, low-grade inflammation and will lead to the chronic diseases as mentioned above as well as autoimmune disease.

The American Heart Association recommends that men limit added sugar to 36 grams a day— which translates to 150 calories or 9 teaspoons. For women, they recommend no more than 25 grams per day, which equals 100 calories or 6 teaspoons.

Unlike added sugars, natural sugars don’t cause inflammation and are unlikely to cause chronic disease.

Over time, inflammation leads to high levels of oxidative stress which can cause damage to your tissues and DNA, this is the cause of the diseases as mentioned above.

Are you someone who consumes a diet high in processed foods and simple sugar? Are you a stress or emotional eater? Do you suffer from anxiety and/or depression? Here is a plan that you can follow to become healthier.

  • Swap sodas, energy drinks, juices and sweetened teas for water, flavored water with fresh or frozen fruit or unsweetened seltzer.
  • Drink your coffee black or use Stevia for a zero-calorie, natural sweetener.
  • Sweeten plain yogurt with fresh or frozen berries instead of buying flavored, sugar-loaded yogurt.
  • Consume whole fruits instead of sugar-sweetened fruit smoothies.
  • Replace candy with a homemade trail mix of fruit, nuts and a few dark chocolate chips. I use Cacao.
  • Use olive oil and vinegar in place of sweet salad dressing.
  • Choose marinades, nut butters, ketchup and marinara sauce with zero added sugars.
  • Look for cereals, granolas and granola bars with under 4 grams of sugar per serving.
  • Swap your morning cereal for a bowl of rolled oats topped with nut butter and fresh berries, or an omelet made with fresh greens.
  • Instead of jelly, slice fresh bananas onto your peanut butter sandwich.
  • Use natural nut butters in place of sweet spreads like Nutella.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages that are sweetened with soda, juice, honey, sugar or agave.
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, focusing on fresh, whole ingredients.

Inflammation is part of the body’s natural healing process, however when you have consistent and chronic inflammation, acute on chronic disease will occur. Your body starts fighting itself. Autoimmune disease occurs when the body fights itself or attacks itself. It can also lead to chronic allergies; food and seasonal.

How can you prevent sugar-induced inflammation? Stop eating so much added sugar. It’s easy. Just stop! Make this a new goal. Change your habits. Change your MINDSET! You want to get well. You don’t want to be sick, I know you don’t, I didn’t I was willing to do anything so I could feel better.

Diets rich in fruits and veggies, healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains can have an anti-inflammatory effect. These are the foods you want to ingest to fight the effects of the added sugars you may be adding to your diet. These are the foods that are protective and beneficial to your body and overall health.

I challenge you to try 1 week without added sugars and see how you feel. After 1 week, go another week and so on!

Journal your food choices and your emotions as you give up added sugar. Do you notice a difference in your energy? Your health? Your skin?

Let me know how you do. Contact me for information on how we can work together to Transform your thought processes from “stuck” to “unstuck” so you can achieve coping skills to reach your goals of overall wellness! I want to see you succeed; I want you to reach your health goals. Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to become Unstuck and learn ways to improve your health? E-mail me at tinaqws@gmail.com so we can put a plan together specific for you!


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Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach

Owner of Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

You Are Who You Allow Yourself To Be

I love the Law of Attraction. The neuroscience behind it is fascinating. “Like attracts like”. Isn’t this the opposite of what we learned in science class and life?

I have always said opposites attract!

  • The negative side of a battery attracts the positive side.
  • Marriage- most people marry the person that is not exactly like them, after-all this is what works for my marriage of 25 years. We learn from each other.
  • Friendships- yes it is important to have like-minded friends, but it is also important to have friends that have different things in common, you can learn from each other and experience different things.

With the Law of Attraction, YOU will become what you think! If you think you are fabulous, you will be fabulous!

You attract what you think about! If you think about having a healthy life, you will achieve a life of wellness.

Your thoughts will become something, whether its an object or a dream come true.

An exercise I have my clients do is to sit in a still environment and think of 1 positive thing you want to achieve. Imagine this 1 thing, see yourself holding it, touching it, smelling it and living it. When you can visualize that 1 thing that you want, you will attract it! You have to focus all of your attention on it.

An example is people that have success in wealth or career. They think about how to make more money and how to be great in their career from the time they wake until they fall asleep. They will even dream of new ways to achieve success.

Another example, when a person is diagnosed with a disease and they want to improve their health, they will research the disease and possible treatment options. They will be proactive in the treatment of their disease. They will think about ways to “cure” the disease every day, all day until they achieve wellness.

Negative Mindset brings Negative things! Think about that 1 person you know that no matter what, they always have a negative thought, saying, response, beliefs and health. This is a difficult person to be around!

Instead, focus on what you want, with as much passion as you can and you can make your dreams come true.

You will attract those people and things that you make your mind see! If you want positivity, you will attract positive people and things; and vice versa. Life is so much more happy and fulfilled when we think about a happy and positive life.

Here is another example of The Law of Attraction: have you ever bought something and then you all of a sudden see it everywhere? You never saw that rainbow car until you bought one, now the rainbow cars are everywhere! Your mind looks for the rainbow car, therefore, sees the rainbow car. You are the artist of your own life. Imagine the things you can paint with your mind being in charge.

I love working with women to help them change their mindset to become more positive and achieve great things. So many women seek others to accept and believe in them. All we have to do is accept ourselves and believe in ourselves. By doing this, we will attract people that will do the same for us. A positive mindset is what is needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I want to help you achieve a well balanced life!

I am offering a paid 2 day course on May 13,2020 and May 14,2020 4-4:40 pm eastern time to help teach you how to Transform Your Mind! Send me an email for details tinaqws@gmail.com

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